Student Pitch Competition

Apply by Tues., Sept. 17!

The Student Pitch Competition, which takes place each year at the Entrepreneurship Summit, is open to all undergraduate students at Washington and Lee and provides students with the opportunity to practice presenting a business idea in front of a large audience of students, faculty, staff and over 100 alumni.

Students have two minutes to present their pitch before answering a series of questions posed by the judges. Their pitch might be an improvement to an existing product, an entirely new product, a website, app, or anything else that has the potential to become a profitable enterprise.

Alumni judges will act as potential investors, and the goal is for students to convince them to invest in the idea.

Students should think about:

  • How to succinctly describe their product or service

  • Their target market (demographics, geography, income, etc.)

  • How their idea will generate revenue (traditional retail, e-commerce, subscription, etc.)

  • What their idea's competitive advantage is over other products and services in the marketplace

Teams may enter but only one student can present on stage. The first place winner receives $1,000, second place receives $500 and third place receives $250.

The top eight applicants will be chosen to participate. Please hold the morning of Saturday, September 28 for the event.