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jeff SHay

Rupert H. Johnson, Jr. Professor of Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Professor Shay joined the W&L faculty in July 2009 as the Johnson Professor of Entrepreneurship and Leadership. At W&L he has led the development of a comprehensive entrepreneurship program that now includes: The Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship, the Connolly Entrepreneurship Society, W&L Business Plan Competition, Entrepreneurship Summit, and the Entrepreneurship Internship Program. Prior to coming to W&L, he was the Poe Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Chair of the Management, Marketing, and International Business Department at the University of Montana (UM). Read more…


Gavin Fox

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Professor Fox joined the Washington and Lee University faculty in 2014. He teaches courses in marketing management, design thinking, and customer contact. Pedagogically, he is interested in the intersection of business and the liberal arts, specifically as they pertain to fostering innovation. Additionally, Professor Fox is heavily involved in the entrepreneurship program and acts as advisor to the Connolly Entrepreneurship Society. Throughout his career, he has consulted with a number of businesses on service process design, primarily with small medical practices. Read more…

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Marc Junkunc

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Professor Junkunc teaches courses related to entrepreneurship. He has been deeply involved with multiple startups, entrepreneurial ventures and small and mid-sized businesses in various capacities, including founder, CEO, team member, investor, advisor and board director. He started his first business while an MBA student, grew it to profitability and later sold it. For seven years he was on the board of directors of a 90+ year-old family business involved in manufacturing for the aerospace industry, wherein he directed a successful turn-around, management buyout and succession plan. Among many consulting assignments, recently he advised a profitable service and product venture with wholesale, retail, internet and international operations, and he also advises not-for-profit enterprises. Read more…