Connolly Entrepreneurship Society

The Connolly Entrepreneurship Society (CES), formerly the Venture Club, was established in 2010 to help students from across campus learn about entrepreneurship in a hands-on environment. Members meet weekly in the J. Lawrence Connolly Center to consult for startups, listen to guest speakers and learn valuable business skills through in-club projects. The CES also plays a critical role in the planning and execution of the Entrepreneurship Summit, an annual event that draws over 120 alumni and 300 students.


Faculty Advisor

Gavin Fox, Associate Professor of Business Administration


Max Weis '20 - Major in Business Administration, Minor in German

Executive Team

George Folline '21 - Major in Business Administration and Spanish
Catherine Latour '20 - Major in Business Administration and English
Griffin Noe '21 - Major in Physics, Minor in Math and Computer Science
Sam Pumphrey '20 - Major in Public Accounting and American Politics
Bridget Washington '21 - Major in Business Administration, Minor in Digital Culture & Information

Class of 2019

John Ahn - Major in Economics 
Maggie Nolan - Major in Economics and Business Administration 
Lawson Penney - Major in Economics
Marta Regn - Major in Business Administration, minor in Environmental Studies 
Rachel Rothken - Major in Business Administration, minor in Computer Science 
Tanner Williams - Major in Economics

Class of 2020

EC Myers - Major in Business Administration and Environmental Studies
Jimmie Johnson III - Major in Journalism
Donovan Fiore - Major in Business Administration and Philosophy
Andrew Whicker - Major in Accounting and Business Administration, Minor in Mathematics
Garrett Clinton  Major in Political Science
Harry Shepherd - Major in Economics, Minor in Computer Science

Class of 2021

Jack Jones - Major in Business Administration
Lauren Davis - Major in Business Administration
Kylie Piotte - Major in Business Administration and American Politics
Navid Haider - Major in Environmental Studies, Minor in Sociology
Billy Linthicum - Major in Accounting and Business Administration
Hanh Doan - Major in Accounting and Mathematics
Yosef Medhin - Major in Business Administration

Class of 2022

Danesh Badlani - Major in Computer Science & Mathematics 
McKenzie Napier - Major in Economics and French, Minor in Mathematics
Ian Bodenheimer - Major in Business Administration and Politics 
Whit Rudder - Undeclared
Seliom Gobeze Major in Economics, Minor in Computer Science and Poverty Studies
Haochen Tu - Major in Business Administration, Minor in Computer Science and Renaissance Study
Riwaj Shrestha - Major in Engineering 
Marshall Jones - Undecided 
Alex Fedor - Undecided

Join the CES

Recruitment takes place in the fall and is open to all first-years, sophomores, and juniors. The application process consists of a written application and an interview with members of the Executive Team.